Jokes about hamsters, Funny story about hamsters. Funny situations with small rodents


    1. Xxx: How hamster happy. He came home. And hamster earplugs – cheerful orange cones are stuck in flower pots. Dear relatives decided that this fertilizer. -.- Why, I wonder, they were not thrown into the pilaf? Or, for example, did not try to wash their laundry? Why, after all, it was impossible to ask ???
      Yyy: what a beauty. I remember how Grandma stuck the window using my solid Lash shampoo instead of soap. Plastic windows.

  • XXX: Someone knows why a hamster who has a delicacy (hard) with honey and branches of fruit trees, HOW DANIA, nibbles an iron chinchilla cage?
    UUU: Labrador opened this bread maker (dough for bread rolls were kneaded) and devoured everything. About a kilo of raw yeast dough. This PPC comrades%)
    ZZZ: gygy, dough – officially edible.
    Someone will tell me why to eat:
    – overshooting
    – gel for intimate hygiene
    – linoleum
    – cat litter
    – accordion
    – bed
    this in the presence of toys and bones
    XXX: easy)))
    overshoe because .. Well you read the story out loud to the children? “Send me for dinner, a dozen …”
    Gel because of mucous benefit))))
    The filler is revenge on cats.
    Bed and linoleum is generally a logical pair, while you are on the couch, bask, the orphan on the floor, nothing can be done, you have to eat both.
    And the accordion – so as not to have a lot of fun at the commemoration after everything is eaten.


  • Neroma:
    Small the day before yesterday, they hated the hamster to our house, I immediately told them – itโ€™s impossible, the cat is at home. Do not care. They put him in cars, rolled, played until the hamster ran away under the plinth. They searched for him, searched, did not find him. Nothing, I say, the cat will see and say goodbye to the hamster.
    At night I hear the horses running around – the hamster got out to find something to eat, probably, and then the cat. The hamster ran from the cat for half the night and the cat after the hamster. In general, I knocked down, in the morning I get up – the cat is sitting near the corpse, its paw turns it over. The owner of the hamster came, burst into tears, took, buried.
    Nifiga, it is not enough for them!
    Now the herd came to the apartment with a rat
    Not kids, but geeks. Let’s say, let’s play with the rat last day!


  • Desperado
    We used hamter inside the nose, like coke
    we drank vodka to them …
     BlackFox: Has anyone ever physically felt how he is turning gray? …
       Yesterday I went home. I see two girls of 13-14 years old. Stand at the store. Both in the hands of a hamster. White such. And the girls with them are so cute with their noses Ssu-Shu-Shu … And suddenly with a wild AAAGGGRRR !!!!! … at the same time, the HAMS of the HEAD !!! The remnants of unfortunate rodents convulsively twitch in children’s palms, from the carcass, through the wound, some brown crap climbs out, both girls demonically laugh into the sky with FILLED KHOMYATY RATS !!! …
    One of them suddenly stops laughing and says: “Funny pie! You have to buy this for mom!” and disappears at the grocery store …

  • Xxx (girl): do you want a dog or cat to fire? Or hamster?
    Whoo (also a girl): O_o …
    Whoo: in a hamster, probably, there is little meat …
    xxx: damn, I still thought I’d be grieved))) * I will give))
    Whoo: SO categorically they haven’t cared for me yet!
    Whoo: now you, as a stand-up, walked around the boy who cooked oatmeal for me in the morning …)))

  • mugiwara:
    Past the balcony just flew a boot
    Now you will not believe …
    is someone trying to knock something down or knock it off? )
    There are IT people !!! They hamster roll !!!
    have played out.
    A hamster flew past, followed by a boot and a scream “Kudablya !!!”
    poor hamster …
    Here’s how, HOW can you catch a HAMSTER with a HAND in the FLIGHT ?!
    Drunk Russian IT specialists. Hamster on the fly will stop!
  • From the online store forum:


Hello, I bought a lawn mower from you, I started using it at the dacha. Everything works fine, but by chance, a hamster hit the place where the knives were located, I understand the hamster cannot be returned, but please tell me what to do with the blades now, they are pretty blunt.
And the second question is, knives are always so stupid when hamsters fall?
Good afternoon, Alexander Evgenievich!
We offer our condolences to the family of the dead hamster.
The degree of blunting of hamsters knives depends on … A friend told a story about his hamster. Lost this little fluffy lump, three days cannot find the apartment. Well, scored on the search, he will appear.

On the 4th day in the morning they entered the kitchen, and on the door of the refrigerator below, their hamster hangs in a raskoryachku, claws on the door scrapes. It turns out these little-stuffed cheek magnets full and stuck ๐Ÿ™‚


I remember, one dude wrote as linoleum stele, one girl. He laid down, everything is fine, only a hillock in the corner of some puffs up slightly. Well, it was unwilling to rebuild it. The bump pressed down, and it seems to have become smaller. OK. I took the hammer, the hostess had just gone to another room and knocked on the knob through the plywood. The bump has practically disappeared. So that’s great. He scored plinths. Everything became quite good. The hostess looked do