Chinchilla overall information and few funny facts

Adult chinchillas have a body length of 20 cm and weigh an average of about 500 g. In appearance and their addition chinchillas resemble a small rabbit, but unlike the latter, it has less long legs and a fluffy tail like a squirrel. The eyes are a huge, dark color. The body is covered with the most delicate fur of natural chinchilla color. The forelegs are very mobile with grasping fingers. In a small, or long-tailed chinchilla, hair is very soft, grayish-bluish in color, thick and durable.

Chinchilla is a very charming animal, besides its selection almost does not smell, which facilitates their content. Also, the chinchilla is a calm, affectionate and friendly animal, but it has a hygroscopic fur, so it is often not recommended to take them in your arms. In nature, chinchillas live in South America in the highlands of the Andes and to maintain the purity of their fur coats; they bathe in volcanic ash every day.

The name of the animal is associated, according to legends of South American Indians, with the Indian tribe “chynchyl,” whose representatives wore clothes from the soft fur of these mountain rodents. They appreciated the fur of chinchillas and Incas, in which products from it were an essential attribute of royal robes, and only the elite had the right to wear such clothes. Also, the Inca’s chinchilla fur was also used to make cloth, as they were able to weave fabric from chinchilla wool, from which they made amazing capes, shawls, capes and other items of clothing for numerous nobles.

Some data also say that the Incas not only mined chinchillas in nature but also grew them. Therefore, they were the first to keep them at home. Later, these cute and clean animals lived in the houses of Chileans, who also tried to breed them.

Previously, chinchillas were widespread in the western part of South America since among Indians, like many primitive tribes, hunting was strictly regulated. A disaster for the population of chinchillas came with the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, who could not but be interested in this fine and unique fur. And the first fur coats of chinchilla fur appeared in the royal palace of Spain. And then chinchillas began to catch tens of thousands and more and more every year. This time was the beginning of a real war with this fluffy animal, and to meet the demand for this fantastic fur in the countries of North America and Europe, millions of animals were caught annually. As a result of such a predatory attitude towards this species, by the middle of the twentieth century, there was not a single animal left in the vast South American expanses. Therefore, since 1918, the Washington Treaty has banned the export of these animals, which is still in effect.
chinchilla eating near her cage

Most popular chinchillas cages

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret

chinchilla cage
Great cage if you have more than 2 Chinchilla. Also you can use this cage like a hamster cage or rat cage.  They will have something to do. The cage is easy to clean. This cage is not only for chinchillas. It can keep rats, guinea pigs, hamsters. You should understand that an adult chinchilla will occupy a significant amount of space. This cell is free to accommodate 2x chinchillas. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage is one of the best batteries in terms of usability and value for money. The cage consists of three floors. Reliable lock. Even if there is a cat in your house, he will not be able to get to your chinchilla.

Cage size 20 3/8 x 7 7/8 x 3/4 inches
Color:Black Hammertone Cell
Composition: Steel and Plastic
Price: 118.08$

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction
    • Space for 5 chinchillas
    • great ventilated
    • easily accessible
    • easy removable
    • water bottle,
    • reasonable price
    • good quality
    • Cage wheels
    • Heavy

Yaheetech Ferret Caget

hamster/chinchilla cage Yaheetech
This great cage was made of solid steel. The structure is 90% steel, except for platforms and additional elements.
The chinchilla cage is made of a 0.51-inch iron frame with 0.16-inch iron wire. The cage is painted black. Raw materials and reliability of the design allow you to notice that this is one of the most durable cells that will last a long time for your chinchillas..

Cage size 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6 inches
Composition: 95% Steel and 5% Plastic
Price: 91.99$

    • 3 exists
    • Heavy-duty construction
    • 5 stages
    • Feeding trough
    • Bottle for drinking
    • Cage wheels
    • Robust design
    • Safety lock
    • Heavy construction
    • Heavy cleaning

Ware Chew Proof Four Story Hamster Cage

Ware Chew Proof Four Story chinchilla Cage
Ware Chew Proof Four Story has a durable all-metal design where comfort is provided for your chinchilla.
The powder-coated wire is easily attached to the metal tray. It is straightforward to detach to clean the cage. Convenient to translate.
Two entrances and exits with secure locks.
The design of the 4th floor includes ramps and shelves, and also allows enough space for your pet to wander around to play and do whatever it needs.
Well ventilated cage, which is another advantage of this model.
12-3 /4-inch sizes 17 inches 25 inches

Cage size 20 3/8 x 7 7/8 x 3/4 inches
Composition: Steel
Price: 33,75$

    • 4-Floor design
    • Durable all metal chew proof
    • Powder coated
    • Metal drop pan
    • 2 doors
    • Safety lock
    • Ramps and shelves
    • Fresh-air design
    • To small for 2+ chinchillas

Super pet house

pet house cage
Create a connection with your furry friends using a universal playground in a cage. Multi-level design for most climbs, platforms, ladders, and feeders. Top playground with a lift ladder. Encourage activity outside the cage with an extended ladder in the form of a stadium.
★ Five stainless steel bowls and two pads – 1 inner long another wooden pavilion for rest. Four industrial rollers: move without noise.
★ Lower removable sandbox and grille for easy cleaning, which opens in two clicks. This helps keep order inside the cage. It is easy to clean when dirty to keep the chinchilla house fresh and clean at any time.
★ Heavy-duty lockable door securely holds your chinchilla in a cage when game time runs out..

Cage size 53″/61″/68″inches
Color:Grey and Black
Composition: Steel 85%, Plastic 10%, wooden 5%
Price: 108.49$

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction

Living World Deluxe

Living World Deluxe cage
A habitat that provides everything you need to keep a small chinchilla safely
The hybrid cage, consisting of an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, provides a safe, well-ventilated and comfortable place for your pets. You can not worry about the escape of your pet. Despite its size, the cell is very roomy and has received many awards at various international exhibitions.
Includes a balcony with ramp access and a tip guard that is attached to the balcony floor.
Available in X-large size. These cells are designed for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas. The cage must be kept dry and cleaned regularly so that your pet is happy and healthy..

Cage size 46-8/9 inch 22-4/5 width 24 inch
Color:White, Red, Grey
Composition: Steel 80% and Plastic 20%
Price: 117.01$

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction

Homey Pet-3

Homey Pet-3 cage
Modern means of protection from the smell of urine, explicitly designed for this cell.
To a greater extent, the cell is designed for an active lifestyle. The cage is mobile enough.
The retractable tray provides easy cleaning; lockable rollers make it easy to move your pet to any place
The separate plastic basis will keep your pet clean and safe from waste. 0.5 “wire spacing
Easy to assemble and no tools required. The surface finish is equipped with a non-toxic powder coating that preserves the health of your pets, while at the same time providing excellent ability.

Cage size 27 x 19 x 10 inches
Composition: Steel,Plastic
Price: 99,99$

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage
The Critter Nation Double Unit cage (162) includes two power containers, two adjustable shelves that you can customize to your liking, three covers and an easily maneuverable 4-wheeled stand that has wheel locks
Double doors on the entire width of the cage for small animals, as the cage, is designed not only for chinchillas. Critter Nation and removable shelf provide maximum access for easy cleaning and feeding.
Critter Nation’s full shelves and shockproof full-width pallets ensure maximum playing area and prevent dangerous falls
Great for rats, chinchillas, degus, ferrets. Tubes (corners). A square of 0.6 inches and a horizontal distance between the wires of 1/2 inches allow pets to complete their climbing instinct and explore in a safe environment.
No need to assemble tools, manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year

Cage size 36 “L x 25” W x 63 “V inches
Color:Black, blue
Composition: Steel 90%,Plastic 10%
Price: 234,29$

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction

Prevue chinchilla cage

Prevue chinchilla cage
The perfect cell of chinchillas. All-metal ramps and platforms are designed for more than five years of operation
The lock provides additional protection against escaping pets. You can be sure of expensive items that can damage your pets.
The short shelf can be used to store treats for treats. It is also a great place to spend your day chinchilla afternoon.
The cage is easy to clean and disassemble. The wheels at the bottom of the cage make it mobile. This cell has passed tests of experts, and one of the few received top ratings in the cells for chinchillas.

Cage size 31-Inch long, 20-1/2-inch wide, 40-inch high with 3/8-inch wire
Composition: Steel and Plastic
Price: 139.99$

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction

Large Wrought Iron Double Cage

Large Wrought Iron Double Cage
Large double cage with a retractable central separator. Wrought iron frame, great stand with rollers, helps ensure mobility despite the size of the cell.
Non-toxic powder-coated coating ensures the safety of your pet.
The lower part is easily removed by removing the lower platform. Elementary to collect, with the reliability of the design, can be envied. This company has made large-size values, creating a secure cage for chinchillas is nonsense for these guys.
The tight distance between the wires 1/2 inch for chinchillas, metal stairs and molds for small chinchillas, wooden perches, cups for feeders

Cage size 63” L x 19” W x 64”H inches
Composition: Steel 85%, wood 5%, plastic 10%
Price: 421.93$

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction

Petmate Two Door Top cage

Petmate Two Door Top cage
This model includes a door with a vertical load; there is a wide door with an upper entrance that provides easy access inside the cage to accommodate pets.
VENTILATION AND VISIBILITY: holes on all sides of the cage for chinchillas allow chinchillas to enjoy the fresh air. Front doors with grilles and steel doors with maximum load provide maximum visibility for chinchillas to travel without stress.
SUSTAINABILITY FOR TRAVEL: A sturdy construction protects the chinchilla nursery with a nut and bolt, and the steel door with top loading is reinforced with durable plastic to protect pets.
COMFORT HANDLE: sturdy, ergonomic handle securely fastened in a steel door with top loading for safe and comfortable transportation of an animal carrier
EASY OPENING VALVE: Safe doors for pets are equipped with latches that can be easily opened with one hand.

Cage size 20 3/8 x 7 7/8 x 3/4 inches
Color- 4 variations – Pearl Honey Rose/Coffee Grounds
Price: 32,95

    • Stainless metal construction
    • Heavy-duty construction


Chinchilla cages: requirement, placement

Chinchilla is a rodent, so the chinchillas cages for it must be from the iron grid. Otherwise, it will make a hole in it and run away. In this case, it is desirable that the network was not painted, and inside it, there were no plastic products that the chinchilla will begin to nibble.

Choosing a chinchilla cage, you must provide enough space for your pet, as well as ease of care and observation …

In some cells, a mesh bottom is made, but a cage with a retractable tray is better. Especially if you have only one chinchilla, then it is enough to clean it only once a week. Unlike other animals, chinchilla’s droppings, like the cages with them, have almost no smell. Pine shavings can be used as an absorbent for any liquid excreta.

For a chinchillas cage in a house, it is necessary to find a place in a home where there are no drafts in the cold months since chinchillas can quickly get sick and die. However, chinchillas should be kept in well-ventilated areas during the warm months of the year. Do not like animals and direct sunlight